McDonald’s Goes Veggie in India

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People eat at an Indian McDonalds fast food outlet in New Delhi on October 4, 2011. Every lunch time at a McDonald's on the corner of one of central New Delhi's biggest streets, queues of hungry young patrons, often four-wide and unruly, snake towards the counters. The majority of those standing in line are under 30, most are in Western rather than Indian dress, and almost all in their choice of conversation and style are identifiably part of the much-fabled booming Indian middle class. But the increasing consumption of processed food that is high in fat and sugar is causing worries that India is importing the Western disease of obesity, creating a ticking public health bomb that the country can ill-afford. AFP PHOTO/ MANAN VATSYAYANA (Photo credit should read MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)


    McDonald’s will try to increase its presence in India when the fast-food chain opens its first and only meat-free location in the north of the country. The Golden Arches, which has almost 33,000 outlets worldwide, has only 271 scattered across the Indian subcontinent—and the world’s most ubiquitous purveyor of burgers and fries hopes to up that quotient by ditching the red-meat formula that worked so well in America and going whole-hog vegetarian. Most McDonald’s franchises in India already serve a menu that is about half made up of fruits, vegetables, and other things that don't have parents. The new outlet will open near a Sikh temple in the city of Amritsar next year.

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