Smugglers Use Subs in Drug War

    Colombian soldiers guard a homemade submersible in a forest area of the Cajambre river, 64 km of the port of Buenaventura, Colombia, on May 29, 2012. A homemade submersible with a capacity to transport up to five tons of drugs was seized by the Colombian Navy near Buenaventura, authorities said Tuesday. AFP PHOTO/Felipe Caicedo        (Photo credit should read Felipe CAICEDO/AFP/GettyImages)

    Felipe Caicedo, AFP / Getty Images

    After finding evidence that drug cartels were using submarines to ship narcotics in the Pacific Ocean, authorities say they have seen increased use of the craft in the Caribbean as traffickers move away from high-speed boats to smuggle their product. The drug smugglers build the submarines in hidden locations deep in the jungles of South America, and American law-enforcement officials say that the craft they have found in use recently are more sophisticated and less detectable than ever before, capable of traveling from South America to the United States completely underwater.

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