Report: Marines in Egypt Had No Ammo

    Egyptian protesters tear down the US flag at the US embassy in Cairo on September 11, 2012 during a demonstration against a film deemed offensive to Islam. Thousands of angry Egyptian demonstrators protested against the film made by an Israeli-American who describes Islam as a "cancer" as an armed mob attacked the US mission in Benghazi killing an official. AFP PHOTO/STR        (Photo credit should read -/AFP/GettyImages)

    AFP / Getty Images

    The U.S. Marines charged with defending the American embassy in Egypt from demonstrators were not permitted by the State Department to carry live ammunition. According to reports on U.S. Marine Corps blogs, ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson “neutralized any U.S. military capability that was dedicated to preserve her life and protect the U.S. Embassy” by restricting the use of ammunition. According to the opinion of one Marine blog, if the reports are true, Patterson did not live up to her obligation to protect U.S. interests: “She neutered the Marines posted to defend the embassy, trusting the Egyptians over the Marines.”

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