Sources: Lewinsky Writing Book

    WASHINGTON, :  Monica Lewinsky (C), the former White House intern who allegedly had an affair with US President Bill Clinton, walks to a waiting car 29 January at the Cosmos Club in Washington DC. Lewinsky's lawyers have been asking for total immunity before she would testify to a Federal Grand Jury about the alleged affair with Clinton.   AFP PHOTO   Timothy CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)�

    Timothy Clary / AFP-Getty Images

    If Bill Clinton’s back on stage at the DNC, that must mean Monica Lewinsky is writing a book. The woman at the center of the former president’s impeachment scandal has been shopping around a top-secret book, the New York Post reported Thursday. “I’m sure every publisher is interested in what she has to say,” one source told the Post. Major publishers reportedly signed a nondisclosure agreement, so it’s unclear who even the frontrunners are to publish the tome. The former White House intern has kept a low profile since moving to London in 2005.

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