Facebook Invite Turns Party Into Riot

    Image #: 19469243    epa03406242 Riot police brakes up crowds of youths who turned violent in the northern Dutch town Haren, Netherlands, late 21 September 2012 after several thousand people descended on the community following an invitation to a birthday party posted on Facebook.  EPA/CATRINUS VAN DER VEEN /LANDOV

    Catrinus Van Der Veen / EPA-Landov

    One young Dutch girl might never want to throw a party again. A 16th-birthday party invite on Facebook that wasn’t marked as private ended up being spread to 30,000 people in the Netherlands. In the end, 3,000 partiers showed up to the town of Haren (population 19,000) on Friday despite the party being canceled and police warnings. Six hundred riot police blocked off the girl’s street, but that didn’t stop revelers from looting shops, setting a car on fire, and attacking officers with bottles and rocks. Twenty arrests were made and at least six were injured.

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