1. ‘No Chance’

    Israel: No Change to Egypt Peace Deal

    Egyptian security forces stand by their Armoured Personell Carriers ahead of a military operation in the northern Sinai peninsula on August 08, 2012. Egypt, which launched air raids against Islamist militants in Sinai for the first time in decades, faces a tough enemy that has used the peninsula's rugged terrain to evade capture in the past. The military said it deployed Apache helicopter gunships in the strikes that killed 20 "terrorists" in the Sinai village of Tumah, in retaliation for a weekend ambush that cost the lives of 16 soldiers. AFP PHOTO/STRINGER        (Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/GettyImages)

    AFP / Getty Images

    Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that his country would not agree to adjust its 1979 peace deal with Egypt. Israel and Egypt have agreed to temporarily waive troop limits while Egypt tries to restore order to the Sinai Peninsula, but Egypt claims that the troop limits infringe on national sovereignty, and many have called for more permanent adjustments to the deal. That’s not going to happen, Lieberman told Israel Radio on Sunday. “There is no chance that Israel will agree to any kind of change,” Lieberman said. “The Egyptians shouldn’t try to delude themselves or delude others, and they should not rely on this demand.”

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