PC Sales Crash

    SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 22:  A CompUSA sales associate stands near a display of Microsoft Windows XP software at a CompUSA store March 22, 2006 in San Francisco, California. Microsoft, the world's largest software company, announced today that it will delay the much anticipated launch of its Vista operating system scheduled to be released to consumers mid year. Vista is expected to release January 2007 to consumers and November 2006 to business customers.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    Fans of PCs are far and few between. The former tech giant is heading into a tailspin as consumers snap up tablets and buy less PCs amid sluggish economic conditions. A report from HIS iSuppli estimated PC shipments for 2012 will have declined for the first time in 11 years by 8 percent—the largest drop in sales since 2001. Microsoft is unveiling Windows 8 along with fancy new gadgets later this month, which they hope will revive struggling sales.

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