Ryan and Biden Talk Abortion

    Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R) participates in the vice presidential debate with US Vice President Joe Biden (out of frame) at the Norton Center at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, October 10, 2012, moderated by Martha Raddatz (L) of ABC News.  AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/GettyImages)

    Saul Loeb / AFP-Getty Images

    Well, the moderator asked for a personal answer, we got personal answers. “My wife and I, when we had the 7 week ultrasound for our first child ... our baby was in the shape of a bean... to this day, we have nicknamed our Liza Bean,” Ryan said. “I believe that life begins at conception … our position is to oppose abortion, with exceptions in cases of rape and incest.” Biden responded saying “With regards to abortion, I accept my church's take—life begins with conception. But I refuse to impose that on others ... unlike my friend here.” Raddatz asked if people who are pro-choice should be worried if Romney is elected. “The next president will get 1 or 2 Supreme Court nominations,” Biden warned. “That’s how close Roe v. Wade is.”

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