New Jersey Issues Terrifying Warning

    New Jersey National Guard Maj. Gen. Glenn K. Reith, left, and Republican U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance, right, (NJ-7th District) listen as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, at podium, addresses a gathering as he stands in front of the swollen Raritan River in Manville, N.J., Monday, Aug. 29, 2011. "We're not out of the woods yet regarding this storm," Gov. Chris Christie told the gathering. Christie said waters had reached or passed record levels at nine river locations, and he warned that the Passaic River had not yet crested.  (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

    Mel Evans / AP Photos

    And don't you fuggetaboutit. In a New Jersey weather service bulletin issued Sunday ahead of Hurricane Sandy, officials used some unusual language to try to convince those at risk to evacuate: "If you are reluctant ... think about the rescue/recovery teams who will rescue you if you are injured or recover your remains if you do not survive," the bulletin read. Meanwhile Sunday, President Obama declared New York and Washington D.C. in a state of emergency, as he and Romney both canceled campaign trail events due to the storm. As New York City begins to shut down all buses and trains, Washington D.C.—which has a flood warning—also announced it would shut all Metro service for Monday.

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