Mental-Health Disorders to Change

Ed Kashi / Corbis

A boy diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at home in 2001. When the DSM V -- psychiatry’s diagnostic handbook -- comes out next year, Asperger's will have been merged into a single autism spectrum, graded mild to severe.

The American Psychiatric Association voted Saturday on new revisions for its DSM-5, known as the bible of mental disorders. All the changes won’t be revealed until May, but the APA did announce Asperger’s will be removed as an individual disorder and integrated as an autism-spectrum disorder instead. As for new members of the mental-health club, binge drinking and hoarding will be added as categorized mental disorders. “I don’t believe we will have radically changed the prevalence” of these disorders, said David Kupfer, the chairman, who added that it’s a “myth we are pathologizing normal behavior.”