‘I Killed Her’

Belcher’s Last Moments Revealed

Jamie Squire

Days after the tragic murder-suicide that rocked the sporting world, details continue to emerge about Jovan Belcher’s final hours in the lead-up to the act. The Kansas City Star is reporting that the night before the murder, Belcher spent the night at another woman’s apartment, where he stayed until 6 a.m. Police reportedly had contact with Belcher around 2:50 a.m., after neighbors called 911 to report a suspicious parked car outside the woman’s home. Seconds before the NFL linebacker shot his longtime girlfriend the next day, he allegedly kissed her forehead and apologized. Belcher then reportedly apologized to his mother, who claims she heard gunfire after an alleged altercation between the couple, and kissed his 3-month-old daughter before driving to the Kansas City Chiefs stadium, where he turned the gun on himself. Belcher reportedly confessed to police officers before killing himself.