Report: 7 Hostages, 11 Kidnappers Killed

    An Algerian military truck drives past a road sign indicating the city of Ain Amenas where hostages have been kidnapped by islamic militants at a gas plant , Friday, Jan. 18, 2013 The hostage crisis in the remote desert of Algeria is not over, Britain said Friday, after an Algerian raid on the gas plant to wipe out Islamist militants and free their captives from at least 10 countries unleashed bloody chaos. (AP Photo/Anis Belghoul)

    Military truck in Ain Amenas, Algeria on Friday. (Anis Belghoul/AP)

    At least seven hostages and 11 kidnappers were killed Saturday as the Algerian Army launched its final assault against the Islamic militants holding hostages at a desert gas field. Earlier in the day, officials reportedly found 15 unidentified burned bodies at the plant, where terrorists took an unconfirmed number of people hostage four days ago. The U.S.  has confirmed that one American—58-year-old Texan Frederick Buttaccio, who was a BP sales-operations coordinator—was among those killed. A senior Algerian official said the government is not planning talks with the militants. “They are being told to surrender, that’s it. No negotiations. That is a doctrine with us.”

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