1. Rebuke

    Netanyahu Weakened in Israeli Elections

    Israeli Prime Minister and Chairman of the Likud Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to the press during a visit to the Begin Heritage center on January 21, 2013 in Jerusalem. (Lior Mizrahi / Getty Images)

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a third term in the country's general election Tuesday, but was left weakened by the rise of a centrist party whose support was seen as a rebuke to Netanyahu's coalition. Placing second behind Netanyah's right-wing Likud was a new party led by TV celebrity Yair Lapid, made appeals to Israel's middle class and called for integration of the country's ultra-Orthodox population into the army and economy. Lapid avoided the subject of a peace process with the Palestinians, but his success was a stand against Netanyahu's bellicose reputation on the issue. "The citizens of Israel today said no to the politics of fear and hatred," Lapid said Tuesday night.

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