Gen. Allen Hands Over Afghan Command

    Upcoming U.S. and NATO-led International Security Assistance Force commander in Afghanistan U.S. Gen. Joseph Dunford, right, hugs the outgoing ISAF commander, U.S. Gen. John Allen, during a change of command ceremony in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013. A new U.S. commander is at the helm of international forces in Afghanistan. Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford takes charge at a critical time for President Barack Obama and the military as foreign combat forces prepare to withdraw by the end of 2014. (AP Photo/Omar Sobhani, Reuters, Pool)

    Pool photo by Omar Sobhani

    Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford will take over the command of NATO troops in Afghanistan on Sunday, as U.S. Gen. John Allen said the troops had come a “long way” toward winning the counterinsurgency. “I think we are on the road to winning," Allen told the BBC. Allen, cleared last month of allegedly sending inappropriate emails to a woman linked to the resignation of CIA director David Petraeus, will take over the NATO command in Europe. Dunford is expected to be the the force’s last commander, as the U.S. has insisted it will hand over the reins to Afghan forces in 2014. “Today is not about change, it’s about continuity,” Dunford said in a change-of-command ceremony in Kabul on Sunday. “What has not changed is the will of this coalition.”

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