‘Anonymous’ to Hack SOTU

Janos Marjai / AP Photo

In this Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012, photo, protestors wearing Guy Fawks masks hold the logos of the international hacker group Anonymous during a demonstration against Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, ACTA, in Budapest, Hungary. The shadowy world of Internet hackers and pranksters was rocked by news Tuesday, March 6, 2012, that Hector Xavier Monsegur, 28, one of the world’s most-wanted and most-feared computer vandals has been an FBI informant for months and helped authorities build a case against five alleged comrades.

If you thought the amorphous hacker-activist collective known as Anonymous was done avenging the suicide of their own Aaron Swartz, think again. In an email blast sent to their community, as well as a message posted on their website, the group announced plans to disrupt President Obama’s State of the Union address and prevent it from live-streaming on the Internet. “[Tonight] we will face down the largest superpower on Earth. And we will win!” the message reads. “There will be no State of the Union Address on the web tonight.” The group cites a variety of motivations, including “freedom” and “Arran Swartz,” claiming that Obama’s failure to stop the “idiotic and destructive efforts to control the last free space on Earth,” is unconstitutional.