Turkish Police Seek Homeless Man

    A member of the Istanbul-based Association For Families With Lost Relatives hands out flyers with photos of Sarai Sierra, a New York City woman who disappeared while on vacation in Istanbul, urging anyone with information to call police, in Istanbul, Turkey, Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013. Sierra, a 33 year-old mother of two, has been missing since Jan. 21, when she was due to return home. Turkish police have set up a special unit to search for her and are trying to trace a man she had been in contact with during her stay.(AP Photo)

    Sarai Sierra. (AP)

    Turkish police are reportedly seeking a 46-year-old homeless man in the murder of a Staten Island, New York, woman who had been vacationing in Istanbul, a Turkish newspaper reported Thursday. Referred to by police just as Z, the man apparently regularly frequented the part of Istanbul where Sarai Sierra disappeared. They suspect Z may have tried to accost Sierra. He has been missing since her body was found February 2. Sierra’s funeral will be Thursday in Staten Island.

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