Naked Tour of Nude Exhibit

    ED NOTE NUDITY   Naked Museum visitors look at exhibits of the show "Nude Men from 1800 to Today" during a special opening to friends of nudism at the Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria, Monday, Feb. 18, 2013. The show "Nude Men from 1800 to Today" opened its doors from  October  19, 2012 to March 4, 2013, looking at how artists have dealt with the theme of male nudity over the centuries. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak)

    Naked museum visitors in Vienna on Monday. (Ronald Zak/AP)

    No shirt, no underwear, no problem. In a special after-hours viewing of the exhibit Nude Men From 1800 to Today at Vienna’s Leopold Museum, a group of 60 art lovers got up close and nakedly personal with the 300 pieces of nude art. Some in the group allegedly wore red tape to cover certain areas, while others walked around the exhibit stark-naked. Museum spokesman Klaus Pokorny said the decision to allow a bare-skinned tour came after petitions streamed in from many different countries. “We got requests from all over the world from people who were inspired by the exhibition … who asked us, ‘Can we visit the exhibition naked?’” he said. The move is not a ridiculous one for Vienna, known for its laid-back attitude.

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