'Mass Casualties'

Texas Warned of Aryan Brotherhood Killings

Jerome Pollos/Getty

An Aryan Nations member listens to guest speakers during the Aryan World Congress held in Cataldo, Idaho on Saturday, July 17, 2004.

Texas authorities warned in a December 2012 bulletin that the Aryan Brotherhood might seek retaliation for the arrests of 34 of the gang's members, months before two Kaufman County prosecutors were killed. According to ABC News, the bulletin warned that "high-ranking members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas are involved in issuing orders to inflict 'mass casualties or death' to law enforcement officials involved in the recent case." The bulletin also warned that the plan would be carried out when officers were at "large gatherings" and that the Brotherhood was surveilling and "proactively working toward developing personal information about officers involved in the recent arrest of Aryan Brotherhood of Texas members."