VA Gov.: $15K for Daughter’s Wedding a Gift

    Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell speaks to the press in front of a statue of George Washington at the Capitol Tuesday, Feb.  5, 2013 in Richmond, Va.  McDonnell called for a yes vote on his transportation bill.  The House approved the legislation.  (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

    Virginia Gov. McDonnell in Richmond on Feb. 5. (Steve Helber/AP),Steve Helber

    This does not sound as charming as the Steve Martin movie Father of the Bride. Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell claims that his daughter and her husband paid for their own wedding, and that the $15,000 check from a major campaign donor was a gift—therefore exempt from campaign finance law. But at the very least, McDonnell seems to be an overly involved father of the bride: he signed the catering contract, made handwritten notes in the margins, and paid nearly $8,000 in deposits for the catering. Furthering suspicion, a refund from the event went directly to McDonnell and his wife, not his daughter. On Tuesday a state senator called for a review of Virginia’s disclosure laws, with the provision that gifts to family members be subject to review.

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