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    Dutch Police Arrest Former Student After Shooting Threat

    Police officers stand in front of the closed Da vinci College in Leiden on April 22, 2013. Middle schools in the Dutch university city of Leiden will remained closed after police said they had received a "serious threat" of a shooting being planned at one.  AFP PHOTO / ANP / JERRY LAMPEN netherlands out        (Photo credit should read MARCEL ANTONISSE/AFP/Getty Images)

    Marcel Antonisse/AFP/Getty

    Dutch police stopped a potential school shooting by checking the Internet message board 4chan, and not for the first time. Police in Leiden arrested a former student of the British School after reading posts threatening to "shoot my Dutch teacher and as many students as I can." The anonymous poster included a picture of a pistol and ammunition with his message. More than 20 schools were shut down after the message was found. In 2009, Dutch police arrested an 18-year-old man for threats he made on 4chan. Minutes before a shooting at a Virginia mall this month, details of the attack were posted to 4chan.

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