1. Tensions Are High

    Over 50 Dead in Iraq Clashes

    This citizen journalist image provided by the Rebels Gathering of Hawija on the group's Facebook page shows people inspecting protesters' dead bodies at a hospital in Hawija, 150 miles (240 kilometers) north of Baghdad, Iraq. Iraqi security forces backed by helicopters raided a Sunni protest camp before dawn Tuesday, prompting clashes that killed at least 36 people in the area and significantly intensified Sunni anger against the Shiite-led government. (AP Photo/Rebels Gathering of Hawija)

    Rebel Gathering of Hawija/AP

    Violence raged throughout Iraq on Wednesday, leaving 51 people dead in different parts of the country. Thirty-eight people were killed in a clash between Sunni tribesmen and members of the Iraqi Army that erupted along blocked roads leading to Qara Tappah, a Sunni town northeast of Baghdad. Meanwhile, seven people were killed and 23 others wounded by a car bomb that exploded in a Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad. Increased Sunni backlash against the Shiite-led government seems to be the source of boiling tensions that have led to 100 deaths over the past two days. “Everybody has the feeling that Iraq is becoming a new Syria,” a currency-exchange owner in Mosul told the AP. “We are heading into the unknown ... I think that civil war is making a comeback.”

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