Car Bombs Explode in Turkey

    A woman raises her arms and shouts as she stands on the site where car bombs exploded on May 11, 2013 near the town hall in Reyhanli, just a few kilometres from the main border crossing into Syria, killing four people and wounded another 18, according to an initial toll.  AFP PHOTO/ ANATOLIAN NEWS AGENCY / CEM GENCO***TURKEY OUT***        (Photo credit should read CEM GENCO/AFP/Getty Images)

    Scene of bombing in Reyhanli, Turkey on Saturday. (AFP/Getty)

    Twin car bombs killed over three dozen people in a Turkish town near the Syrian border on Saturday morning, stroking fears that the bloody Syrian civil war spilled over into Turkey. The bombs, which went off near the Reyhanli town hall and post office, killed 40 people and injured 100 more. The town is an entry-point for Syrian refugees, who often face discrimination from locals. Although no particular group has taken responsibility for the attack, the Turkish government reportedly suspects a Syrian connection.

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