London Soldier Reportedly Beheaded

    Police at the scene in Woolwich following a major incident in which a man was killed, on May 22, 2013 in London, England. It has been reported that the government and police are treating the attack in Woolwich on a serving soldier as a possible terrorist attack. Police have confirmed that one man has died after being attacked in the street by two men and firearms and knives were involved in the incident.

    Dan Kitwood/Getty

    A soldier was reportedly beheaded in London on Wednesday afternoon, and police said they have shot two suspects, both believed to be Muslim extremists. London Ambulance Services said the victim had died while the two suspects were injured, one seriously. Witnesses said it appeared as if the suspects “were trying to take organs” from the victim, and “they were hacking at the poor guy.” Sources said the suspects yelled “Allahu Akbar," and police sources told the BBC that it's a "fair assumption" that this is a terrorist attack. Prime Minister David Cameron called the attack “truly shocking," and he returned to Britain early from Paris. Home Secretary Theresa May said there will be a meeting of COBRA, the government's emergency committee.

    In broad daylight.

    GRAPHIC: Following the attack, a man wielding a machete with bloodied hands approaches a camera to justify what just happened.

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