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    Al Qaeda Has Expense Reports

    FILE - This undated file image taken from video provided by the SITE Intel Group made available Thursday Jan. 17, 2013, purports to show terrorist leader Moktar Belmoktar. In an Oct. 3 internal al-Qaida letter found by the AP, Belmoktar is excoriated for his unwillingness to follow orders and critiqued for his failure to carry out any large attack. His ego bruised, he quit and formed his own group to compete directly with his former employer. Within months, he claimed responsibility for two attacks so large they rivaled the biggest operations undertaken by al-Qaida's wing on the continent.(AP Photo/SITE Intel Group, File) THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HAS NO WAY OF INDEPENDENTLY VERIFYING THE CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS PICTURE. MANDATORY CREDIT: SITE Intel Group


    Apparently the inner workings of Al Qaeda are a lot like the movie Office Space. The Associated Press dug through a trove of memos (yes, al Qaeda has memos) about the terror network’s North African wing’s “most difficult employee”: he never filed expense reports on time, didn’t answer phone calls, ignored meetings, and did not undertake any spectacular operations. Pointing out that despite being given "a considerable amount of money," Moktar Belmoktar had yet to buy any weapons, the al Qaeda chapter asked, "So whose performance deserves to be called poor in this case, I wonder?" Belmoktar then carried out every disgruntled employee’s dream: he quit and went out on his own and achieved infamy. Here is where things get deadly serious: Belmoktar is credited with killing 101 people in operations that include the takeover of a BP gas plant in Algeria and bombings just last week at a military base and a French uranium mine in Niger.

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