'A Huge Blow'

Report: U.S. Drone Strike Kills Pakistani Taliban No. 2

Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

In this Jan. 31, 2010 file photo, an unmanned U.S. Predator drone flies over Kandahar Air Field, southern Afghanistan, on a moon-lit night.

Weren’t the stricter policies about drone strikes announced just last week? A U.S. drone strike killed seven suspected militants in Pakistan on Wednesday—the first attack since President Obama’s speech last week that outlined the administration’s new policy to use drones only to prevent an imminent attack. According to Pakistani security officials, one of the strike's victims was Wali-ur-Rehman, the Pakistani Taliban's number two--who was slated to eventually become the leader of the Taliban's Pakistani faction. Two others were wounded in the attack in the village of Chasma in the Taliban stronghold of North Waziristan. Not only was Wednesday’s strike the first since Obama’s policy speech last week, but also the first since the May 11 election in Pakistan, where the drone strikes are incredibly unpopular.