Starbucks to Post Calorie Counts

    The logo on a new Starbucks is seen across the street from the building, left, which once housed the Triple O's bar in the South Boston neighborhood of Boston, Thursday, June 6, 2013. Four decades after Boston crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger first rose to power, "Southie" is not what it used to be. The once blue-collar, Irish-Catholic neighborhood, is now an ethnic melting pot that has been invaded by young urban professionals who have gentrified the area and smoothed out its once-rough edges. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

    Michael Dwyer/AP

    Your relationship with Starbucks is about to become a lot more intimate. The FDA has been planning to lay out national rules requiring chain restaurants to label their products with calorie counts for years, but in the meantime Starbucks is taking matters into its own hands and doing it now. And while you may not want to know that your favorite morning blueberry scone actually has 460 calories—a quarter of most women’s ideal daily intake—Starbucks is actually doing you a favor. Now, with the numbers staring you in the face, you’ll finally be motivated to make the long overdue switch from that 260-calorie caffè mocha to the 15-calorie Americano.

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