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THIS MAKES SENSE ‘Cool Runnings’ Writer Was on Heroin

‘Cool Runnings’ Writer Was on Heroin

Screenwriter Tommy Swerdlow, behind such films as Cool Runnings and Little Giants, went on Reddit yesterday to promote a crowdfunding campaign for his new movie, The House Itself. But while answering Reddit’s questions, he dropped this bomb: he wrote Cool Runnings while high on heroin. He’s clean now, after going to the hospital for a heart-valve infection, and is making a movie that seems to be about guys failing to score drugs in L.A. Swerdlow also said the inspiration for Shrek, which he’d been hired to adapt from a children’s book, was Midnight Cowboy, and Mike Myers only added Shrek’s Scottish accent when he realized Eddie Murphy was stealing the show.

August 1, 2013 7:38 AM