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    School Clerk Convinced Gunman to Surrender

    Dekalb County Police SWAT officers run toward Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy after reports of a gunman entered the school, Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013, in Decatur, Ga.  A suspect was in custody after reports of gunfire at an Atlanta-area elementary school Tuesday, the school chief said, with television footage showing young students running out the school being escorted by teachers and police. Michael Thurmond told The Associated Press he had no reports of injuries and that all students and teachers are accounted for and safe. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

In this Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013 photo released by the Dekalb County Sheriff's Department, Michael Brandon Hill, 20, is shown. Authorities say Hill faces numerous charges in relation to a school invasion on Tuesday. Two people who encountered Hill, accused of opening fire inside a U.S. school, say he told them was off his medication, though a motive remains unknown. Antoinette Tuff, the bookkeeper at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, told ABC on Wednesday the suspect told her he hadn't taken his medication.

    David Goldman/AP; Dekalb County Sheriff's Department/AP (inset)

    We have elementary-school clerk Antoinette Tuff to thank for the fact that Atlanta didn’t turn into another Newtown yesterday. Tuff says she convinced Michael Brandon Hill, a 20-year-old man who came to a school armed with an assault rifle and other weapons—to put down his guns and surrender. “[I saw] a young man ready to kill anybody that he could and take any lives he wanted to,” Tuff told ABC. As Hill went between the office and the school entrance to shoot at police, Tuff started talking to him, eventually convincing him to put down his guns and surrender. “I told him, ‘OK, we all have situations in our lives. I went through a tragedy myself,’” Tuff said. “It was going to be OK. If I could recover, he could too.” No students were harmed in the standoff and Hill was arrested.

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