1. Gotta Be Kidding

    Texas: Put Creationism in Every Textbook

    The "La Creazione" (The Creation) fresco by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel is pictured during a press preview Friday, Dec. 10, 1999. Beginning with Michelangelo on the ceiling nearly 20 years ago and wrapping up with Botticelli on the sidewalls, restorers have now brightened all the masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel, promising the returned-to-life colors should keep for decades, maybe even a century or more. The Pope will preside over a service celebrating the restoration Saturday, Dec. 11. (AP Photo/Plinio Lepri)

    Plinio Lepri/AP

    Official reviewers for the Texas Board of Education had some interesting things to say about the state’s latest round of textbooks, which if selected could spread to much of the rest of the nation. “I feel very firmly that ‘creation science’ based on Biblical principles should be incorporated into every Biology book that is up for adoption,” one reviewer wrote, according to records from the panel. Another chides the textbook for asserting there is fossil evidence for evolution, and says students should be presented with “alternative theories.” Yet another refers to the “peppered moth scenario” as “discredited,” even though it has been upheld by mainstream scientists.

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