GOP Candidate Won’t Pose with Cruz

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee for governor, visits former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder's Public Policy class at Virginia Commonwealth September 5, 2013 in Richmond, Virginia. Cuccinelli delivered remarks during the beginning of the class and then took questions from students and members of the press.

    Win McNamee/Getty

    A long time ago, they used to be friends. Republican Ken Cuccinelli, running for governor of Virginia, refused to be photographed with Ted Cruz at a gala they headlined together on Saturday night. Making things even more awkward: in a 54-minute speech, Cruz lauded his “friend” Cuccinelli, who is locked in a deadheat against Terry McAuliffe. Backstage, Cuccinelli apparently urged Cruz to work with Democrats to end the federal shutdown, but Cuccinelli then did not even acknowledge Cruz in his speech. Yikes. It was clearly not a good weekend for Cruz’s ego: President Obama also criticized him, calling him “controversial” on Saturday and saying “I didn’t go around trying to court the media.” At least Cruz has those bedtime readings of Green Eggs and Ham with his daughters.

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