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    France Angry Over NSA Spying Claims

    A frame grab made from AFPTV footage, reportedly taken on October 9, 2013, shows US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden speaking during his dinner with a group of four retired US ex-intelligence workers and activists at a luxurious room in an unidentified location. Snowden warned of dangers to democracy in the first video released of the fugitive since Russia granted him temporary asylum in August. AFP PHOTO /  AFPTV        (Photo credit should read AFPTV/AFP/Getty Images)


    The National Security Agency spied on ally France, according to a report in Monday’s Le Monde—and the U.S. ambassador has been summoned to Paris to explain. According to data from Edward Snowden, the NSA spied on 70.3 million phone calls in France in just 30 days between December 10, 2012 and January 8, 2013—not all those targeted were terrorists. Oh and one more thing: it’s not clear if the spying is still going on. Well, that’s going to be a fun meeting. Just think, it could be worse: the NSA apparently hacked into former Mexican president Felipe Calderón’s email, according to a report in Der Spiegel on Monday.

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