Stolen Radioactive Material Found

    This image released Wednesday Dec. 4, 2013 by the National Commission on Nuclear Safety and Safeguards of Mexico's Energy Secretary (CNSNS) shows a piece of machinery that is part of the cargo of a stolen truck hauling medical equipment with extremely dangerous radioactive material, in Tepojaco, Hidalgo state, north of Mexico City. The cargo truck was stolen from a gas station in central Mexico, and authorities have put out an alert in six central states and the capital to find it, Mexican and U.N. nuclear officials said Wednesday. (AP Photo/CNSNS)


    Mexican authorities say they've found a stolen truck containing dangerous radioactive cobalt. The two thieves—who presumably were unaware of the vehicle's volatile contents—are still on the run, officials said. The truck was found 25 miles away from where it was taken, and the container holding the material had been opened. Authorities say they believe the suspects eventually will show up at a hospital with symptoms of radiation exposure.

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