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    Surfers Flock to ‘The Black Swell’

    A man surfs the Belharra giant waves some two kilometers off the coast of the French basque country town of Urrugne on January 7, 2014. Thanks to certain climatic conditions in autumn and winter, a strong swell hits the Belharra Perdun underwater spur enabling a 10 to 15 metre wave to form. This wave is only surfed by experts who are towed out by a water scooter.    AFP PHOTO / GAIZKA IROZ        (Photo credit should read GAIZKA IROZ/AFP/Getty Images)

    Gaizka Iroz/AFP/Getty

    What’s French for chill? Surfers are headed to the coastlines of Ireland, England, France, and Portugal thanks to a low pressure system that has triggered waves up to 60 feet high. The low-pressure system called “the black swell” has created massive, surfable waves over a section of the Atlantic the size of Spain and Portugal.

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