1. EH?

    Canada Spies on Airport Travelers

    Travellers pass the time at Pearson International Airport Terminal One in Toronto, January 7, 2014.  Glacial temperatures gripping large parts of the United States and Canada disrupted thousands of flights on Tuesday, creating more challenges for airlines seeking to recover from recent snow and ice storms. Toronto's Pearson International Airport, which was one of the airports which was hit hardest and had 119 flights, or 19 percent of its total halted, said the gusty winds and extreme cold weather, which Environment Canada said was minus 37 degrees Celsius (minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit) with wind chill, was causing equipment to freeze and posing a safety concern for workers. REUTERS/Aaron Harris (CANADA - Tags: TRANSPORT ENVIRONMENT) - RTX175MV

    Aaron Harris/Reuters

    Now there’s a reason to hate airport WiFi more than ever.  A new document from NSA leaker Edward Snowden shows Canada’s electronic spy agency using the free Internet service at a major airport to track the devices of passengers. Speaking out about the incident, one expert said the Communicationa Security Establishment Canada's (CSEC), actions were almost surely illegal. "I can't see any circumstance in which this would not be unlawful, under current Canadian law, under our Charter, under CSEC's mandates," he siad.

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