Christie Accuser Changing Story

    After only eight days as acting Hoboken mayor, Dawn Zimmer speaks to the media as she stands near the Hudson River Saturday, Aug. 8, 2009, in Hoboken, N.J., after a sight-seeing helicopter and an airplane crashed into the river after colliding midair earlier Saturday. It's been a whirlwind for Hoboken's acting mayor: two huge crises and a sixth election in two and a half years. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

    Mel Evans

    There might be a break for Gov. Chris Christie after days of bad news. One of his main accusers, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, is under scrutiny for inconsistencies in her accounts that she was forced her to support certain Christie-backed projects if she wanted Superstorm Sandy funding. CNN's review of hundreds of pages of court documents raise questions about her story. Zimmer herself has also been sued for the same behavior she has decried in Christie. The executive director of the Hoboken Housing Authority sued Zimmer for maintaing "an unwritten policy of political patronage or 'pay to play' to reward political supporters.”

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