1. glass ceiling

    Saudi Arabia Gets 1st Woman Editor

    Saudi newspapers headlining the deal made with major powers over Iran's disputed nuclear deal are seen on November 25, 2013 in the capital Riyadh. The accord the United States and its allies welcomed will put Iran's nuclear enrichment program on hold as talks continue, but it marks only the first stage in fraught negotiations. AFP PHOTO / FAYEZ NURELDINE        (Photo credit should read FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images)

    Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty,FAYEZ NURELDINE

    In a country where she still can't drive to work, a Saudi Arabian woman has been appointed to helm a national newspaper for the first time. Somayya Jabarti was named editor in chief of the Saudi Gazette after her male predecessor departed on Sunday. "There's a crack that has been made in the glass ceiling. And I'm hoping it will be made into a door," she said. "The success will not be complete unless I see my peers, who are also Saudi women in the media, take other roles where they are decision-makers." She noted that while the majority of the paper's reporters are female, management has been mainly male.

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