KC Highway Shooting Suspect Caught

    A sign put in place on November 30 lies along side the Interstate 55 December 1. The sign, announcing that the Ku Klux Klan has adpoted at one-mile strectch of the highway in south St. Louis County was one of two that went up November 30 and were torn down that same night. On November 23, the Eighth U.S. Court of Appeals denied Missouri's Transportation Department request to ignore an earlier court order to have the signs placed on the highway. A spokesman for the Missouri Transportation Deptment said the signs will be removed immediately if the department wins an appeal set for eary January, 2000. The sign was re-erected by The Missouri Highway Department on December 1.



    After weeks of extra-alert driving in the Kansas City area, police have arrested a suspect in the shootings on area highways. The man is allegedly behind 12 shootings that left three injured, which began on March 8 and appeared to have stopped on April 6. “We want to make sure the residents and those who travel through Kansas City know that they are safe,” said Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté.

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