FBI: Hastert Hushed Up Sex Abuse

    Convention Chairman and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Dennis Hastert, from Illinois, greets delegates during the opening session of the 2004 Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York, August 30, 2004. Republicans start the convention [in an upbeat mood after a flurry of new polls showed President George W. Bush gaining ground and slightly leading his Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.]

    Gary Hershorn/REUTERS

    Federal law-enforcement officials have told multiple news outlets that Dennis Hastert paid a former high-school student of his almost $1 million to cover up alleged sexual abuse while Hastert was a wrestling coach and teacher in Illinois. Hastert, who was the longest-serving Republican speaker of the House in history, was charged by federal prosecutors Thursday for allegedly violating financial-disclosure laws by illegally structuring bank withdrawals and for lying to the FBI about it. His lawyers also filed a motion on Friday in an unrelated case involving an alleged misuse of government funds after leaving office. Buzzfeed quotes a law enforcement official who says there are several potential victims. A grand jury indictment said Hastert agreed to pay an anonymous individual $3.5 million for prior misconduct.  

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