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Earlier this week, the grande dame of TV interviews reduced the ‘Happy’ singer to tears on her program. He was far from the first.

She’s gone and done it again.


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On the Sunday, April 13 episode of Oprah Prime, everyone’s favorite celebrity interviewer, Oprah Winfrey, sat down with singer/producer Pharrell Williams to discuss the success of his Oscar-nominated global smash, “Happy,” as well as his rise to music superstardom.


Where the Hell Is My Frozen Toy?!

It’s basically like Jingle All the Way, but with the power of the Internet capturing the chaos.

“Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours,” says Olaf, the lovable snowman, in Frozen. Love probably isn’t, however, spending thousands of dollars so your kid won’t cry over not having an Elsa dress.



The Disney film’s unprecedented success has left retailers reeling from how fast merchandise is selling out. It’s basically like Jingle All the Way, but with the power of the Internet capturing the chaos.

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Viral Vid: Best College Acceptance

Noah has Down Syndrome. But that didn’t stop him from getting accepted to Edgewood College. And when he reads his admission letter, his jubilant reaction is priceless.

Proud History

Liam Neeson’s Horse Cart Crusade

The actor says horses are bred to pull carriages and have done so forever. The minute he uttered those words, he should have packed up and left New York City.

Critics of gay marriage often find themselves simply confused by the terms of the debate. They seem to encounter the same unbending opposition, whether their approach is an appeal to the prudence of political gradualism, an invocation of the natural order, or a warning about the risks of casting aside centuries of habit and custom.


The Daily Beast

That’s not because of anything that special about gay marriage. There’s a larger pattern at work. It’s the reason why conservatives find themselves playing defense so often. And it’s the reason why Central Park’s horse-drawn carriages are headed for the scrapheap of history—even though the venerable conveyances have habit, nature, public opinion, and Liam Neeson on their side.


Eyerolling at ‘American Blogger’


First-time filmmaker Chris Wiegand recently debuted the trailer of his documentary ‘American Blogger,” and was met with ridicule. (Rightly so.)

Most objects of Internet derision only remain interesting for a day or two, tops. The outrage and mockery come fast and furious, and then we move on to the next opportunity for cathartic Schadenfreude, satisfied that the perpetrators have been duly chastened. But a blog post announcing the impending arrival of a movie about blogging, called American Blogger, has inspired a week of steady disdain in the blogosphere and on social media, including countless posts, multiple hashtags, parody Twitter accounts, and spoof videos.

Upon initial viewing, there is a lot to mock about the trailer, released on Vimeo by first-time feature-length documentarian and husband of a popular “mommy blogger,” Chris Wiegand. First, there’s the voiceover. It sounds like a real trailer, in terms of the rhythm and timbre of the disembodied voice, but it immediately launches into a metadiscursive journey through the accomplishments of the filmmaker in this, his first feature-length film, that makes the viewer wonder if this is, in fact, a hoax.

“Beautifully filmed and artistically crafted,” it gushes, “this documentary will remind you of the value of your voice and the power of sharing your story.” “With stunning cinematography,” it continues, “this story is told against the backdrop of the great American landscape.” And then, as the soundtrack swells with what could be a forgotten Creed track, soaring vistas of the moon, the Grand Canyon, fireworks, Wiegand’s Ford F-250 and sweet restored Airstream trailer, and the swirling Milky Way stun the viewer with their artistry.

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Viral Vid: Comic Flight Attendant

George Carlin, eat your heart out.

"Position your seatbelt tight and low across your hips, like my grandmother wears her support bra." That's just the tip of the comic iceberg for this Southwest Airlines flight attendant, who turns the typically stultifying safety speech into three minutes of mirth.

She may not be as coarse as George Carlin in his legendary "Airline Announcements" bit, but she rivals his humor.

Go For ‘Broke’

Lindsay Lohan Can Still Act!

Everyone’s favorite troubled starlet guested on ‘2 Broke Girls’ Monday night. And she was funny! Maybe Lindsay Lohan is actually a good actress, after all.

As Lindsay Lohan is learning, the comeback trail is marked with three tried-and-true steps.

2 Broke Girls

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Step one: Cry for Oprah. Lohan is checking that one off in epic, riveting fashion. Step two: Now that you’re relatable again (everyone loves a good ugly cry), you’ve got to be relevant again. That means: go viral on late-night TV. Thanks to Dave Letterman, Lohan’s got that covered, too. Now, step three: prove that you can still act.


Meet the Real Life Ken Doll


Justin Jedlica, who lives in New York, is a real life "Ken" from the other half of Barbie and Ken. Justin has spent over $100,000 on cosmetic surgery and has even had implants put into his arms and chest to give more definition. (Jae Donnelly/The Sun/NI Syndication/Redux)

It took Justin Jedlica 149 cosmetic procedures to look like this. He says Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers were his idols, while the Real Life Barbie is just faking it.

Following an appearance in photographer Phil Toledano’s book, A New Kind of Beauty, Justin Jedlica was dubbed ‘The Human Ken Doll’ while making a brief appearance on 20/20. The name stuck, and Jedlica—and his 149 cosmetic surgeries—have become an international phenomenon. Recently, Jedlica made headlines for calling Valeria Lukyanova, ‘The Real Life Barbie,’ “an illusionist” in an interview with GQ. He opens up to The Daily Beast about dreaming of becoming famous, fighting body dysmorphic rumors, and how he really feels about why Lukyanova has gone too far.

When did you first get the nickname ‘The Human Ken Doll’?

In the beginning [of the piece with 20/20], there was a voiceover that said ‘Meet the Human Ken Doll, whose upper body is filled with silicone implants.’ At the time, Valeriya [Lukyanova, The Real-Life Barbie] had been out about six to eight months in the media, and there was no other mention in the piece about Ken Doll anything. It was meant to be cute and catchy for the show, I don’t believe that 20/20 knew that people would then dub me as this ‘Ken Doll’ person. People wanted to believe that I walked into a doctor’s office with a Ken Doll and was like ‘Make me look like this!’ Things went viral.


Joffrey's No. 1 Victim Speaks

The young woman who’s received the brunt of the evil boy-king’s wrath opens up about why he’s the worst, how the real Jack Gleeson is, and what’s next.

It’s been quite some time since the death of a major television character was greeted with such rapturous applause.


GAME OF THRONES episode 32 (season 4, episode 2): Natalie Dormer, Jack Gleeson, Peter Dinklage. (Macall B. Polay/HBO )

On Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones, “The Lion and the Rose,” King Joffrey Baratheon, the demented child of incest and all-around sonofabitch, kicked the bucket. And the world—by that, I mean the internet—rejoiced:

Spoiler Alert

Life After TV Death

‘Game of Thrones' didn't invent the surprise death, but it’s hard not to feel like we’re in the renaissance of dramatic house-cleaning. Abrupt exits can do wonders for shows.

When I watched last night’s Game of Thrones a few weeks ago on an advance screener DVD from HBO, the episode bore a subtitle that said, “Incomplete VFX.” Most of the time this just means that there might be a little digital pruning to be done on background images, but, as that disclaimer hovered over the late King Joffrey’s snotty face, I hoped that the producers planned on adding a little CGI flourish to this particular assassination. Never has an audience wished for a television character’s death more than for that of the flamboyantly cruel, homicidally bratty, lipless villain Joffrey Baratheon, first of his name. And the least HBO could do is let us see his eyeballs shoot out of his head or something to mark the occasion.


The Daily Beast

Joffrey is by no means the first major casualty of Game of Thrones, a series that is justifiably notorious for dropping everyone from anonymous prostitutes to presumptive protagonists with gleeful abandon. And while this fatal wedding reception is certain to make The Knot’s list of the year’s most violent nuptials, it still pales in comparison to the “Red Wedding” that ended season three by dispatching a majority of the members of House Stark. In the wake of that massacre, this feels like an aftershock, a spin-off, Red Wedding: King’s Landing Edition.

You Betcha

Billy Bob’s Cruelest Bad Guy Yet

The actor’s turn as a ruthless killer on a rampage that stains Minnesota’s snow-white landscape blood red proves why he’s Hollywood’s most reliable bad guy.

It’s tempting to classify Billy Bob Thornton’s genius, sinister turn in FX’s Fargo as yet another in his repertoire of brilliantly evil performances—Hollywood’s reliable bad boy bringing another scoundrel to life on screen. But Thornton, his devilish smile lighting up at the opportunity to set the record straight, would like to tell you that you’d be mistaken.


Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo. (Matthias Clamer/FX)

“There’s this misconception about me that I’ve played a lot of very bad guys,” Thornton says. “And you don’t even realize it until you start going through the filmography that it’s not true!”

Why the GOP Is Angry About Colbert

When Stephen Colbert was announced as David Letterman's successor, Rush Limbaugh and company both criticized and politicized the move. Keli Goff discusses whether they're actually mad.

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