Famous Children of Immigrants: Nikki Haley, Walt Disney & More (Photos)

AP Photo (2) ; Getty Images (3)

AP Photo (2) ; Getty Images (3)

Michele Bachmann railed against birthright citizenship at the GOP debate last night, the portion of the 14th Amendment that guarantees American citizenship to immigrants' children born in the United States. The debate has revived the term "anchor baby" a phrase with a history of controversy that often refers to children born of illegal immigrants who are nonetheless granted citizenship. See photos of stars who--while not proper "anchor babies"--who were born to immigrants, illustrating the complexity of the debate.

Amanda Schwab / AP Photo

Joan Rivers (Russian parents)


Kristian Dowling / AP Photo

Michelle Kwan (Chinese parents)


Alice Keeney / AP Photo

Nikki Haley (Indian parents)


Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Renée Zellweger (Swiss father, Norwegian mother)


isifa / Getty Images

Larry King (Russian mother, Austro-Hungarian father)


Robert F. Bukaty / AP Photo

Olympia Snowe (Greek father)


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Colin Powell (Jamaican parents)


Hart Preston / Getty Images

Walt Disney (Irish-Canadian father)


Darren Hauck / Getty Images

Norah Jones (Indian father)


Nick Laham / Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez (Dominican parents)