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Ann Curry’s Crazy ‘Today’ Show Style: Bright Dress and Spike Heels

From 7 a.m. formalwear to white jumpsuits in February, Isabel Wilkinson on Curry’s wildest fashion picks.

They say wearing solid blacks and whites doesn’t look good on TV; the colors tend to wash you out and overpower a soft complexion. Anchors usually favor color. But one daytime host has, in her yearlong tenure, taken that rule to an extreme.


On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that Ann Curry, co-host of NBC’s Today show, will be replaced after only a year on the job. But to viewers who tuned in that morning, the news may not have been as much of a shock as the dress she had on: a blinding yellow tunic, long in the back and short in the front. Even Al Roker was confused by it. “It’s like a dress mullet!” he said.

Since assuming the job a year ago, Curry has taken many sartorial risks. Despite her early morning call-time, she has made a signature out of unseasonably bold colors, spike heels, and hemlines so high they often appear to be a challenge on high stools. There was an all-white jumpsuit with pink and blue platform heels to interview Reese Witherspoon on a frigid morning in February, several appearances in a favorite pair of 6-inch open-toe sandals, and even a Today show-themed dress, complete with the show’s logo on one side, by the designer Lisa Perry. And often Curry’s standout moments carry big price tags. Perry’s “Fleurty Dress,” for example, which Curry has worn on air three times this year, retails for $1,295. “Ann Curry’s stylist for @TodayShow should be publicly flogged,” tweeted one watcher last year.

But despite her occasionally out-there choices, Curry’s fashion risks have earned her a fair amount of praise. The New York Times called Curry’s look “nervier—and arguably more youthful—than that of her peers.” Lucky magazine said she represented “minimalism at its best,” and when Curry showed up in a black outfit that look liked something Morticia Adams would wear, even Jezebel asked: “Did she rifle through Carine Roitfeld’s closet?” (Roitfeld, a former editor of French Vogue, dresses almost exclusively in black.) Behold, our 10 most favorite crazy Ann Curry outfits from her year on the job.

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Not-So-Mellow Yellow

On June 20, the day The New York Times reported that she would be replaced as co-host of Today, Curry wore a floor-length bright yellow dress that offered viewers a serious dose of sunshine. “It’s like a dress mullet!” Al Roker joked.

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Thigh High

Just as a painter might choose not to wear clothes he or she can’t get dirty, you would think that if your job involved routinely sitting in a high stool, you might choose not to wear something super short. But that didn’t stop Curry, who to interview Charlize Theron on May 29, wore a yellow dress up-to-there, which she paired with a matching bracelet and a pair of pink platform sandals.

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Blue Period

Here are the same platform sandals in a different color! This time, she wears them with a dress and necklace that are all miraculously the same exact shade of blue.

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Flower Power

This is Lisa Perry’s “Fleurty Dress,”  which retails for $1,295, and which Curry has worn for at least three on-air appearances in the last year. “She loves fashion, design and color, and she’s willing to celebrate it,” Perry told The New York Times of Curry’s sense of style last year.

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Daisies on the Soles of Her Shoes

Christian Louboutin’s 20th anniversary collection brought forth the leather- and suede-trimmed “Pensee Mary Jane Flower Pumps,” with an appliqué daisy, which Curry boldly wore on April 11. They retail for $895.

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Snow White

Despite the frigid temperatures, Curry opted for all white on Feb. 13—which she paired with bright pink and purple platform heels.

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Team Spirit

For the Today show’s 60th anniversary, Curry wore a custom-made dress by Lisa Perry, one of her favorite designers.

Death Becomes Her

In a stark break from her signature style, Curry wore an architectural black dress—which covered her limbs—last October. “Is she a dominatrix?” asked Jezebel. “Did she rifle through Carine Roitfeld’s closet?