Brutal Aftermath

Shocking Photos of the Flooding in Russia’s Krasnodar Region

At least 200 are dead after historic flooding over the weekend. See photos of the terrible aftermath.

It’s one of the country’s worst known recent natural disasters: 11 inches of rain were dumped on the Black Sea coast late Friday and early Saturday, equivalent to three months of rainfall in a normal year. Massive flash flooding ensued, with no warning from the authorities, and residents who managed to escape their engulfed homes were forced to abandon their property and seek makeshift refuge in higher areas. At least 200 people have lost their lives, and thousands more have lost homes, shops, and automobiles as they scramble to salvage what is left. See photos of the aftermath.

Ignat Kozlov / AP Photo

A Home Flooded

A local resident navigates a flooded house on July 8 as water levels remain startlingly in the town of Krymsk, about 750 miles south of Moscow.

Mikhail Mordasov, AFP / Getty Images

Surveying the Wreckage

More bodies are being discovered, and the death toll in the southern region of Krasnodar keeps rising. Those who managed to survive the flooding also have suffered tragic fates; many residents’ homes have been flooded, included the man pictured here.

Sergey Ponomarev / AP Photo

Cleaning Up

Floodwaters in the town of Krymsk have wiped out homes, shops, and entire communities. After nearly a foot of water of rain fell, many had little time to react and were forced to seek refuge in trees and on roofs. Here, a man attempts to remove garbage from a shop after the rain subsided.

Andrey Smirnov, AFP / Getty Images

On the Water

At least 1,179 people from the 803-year-old town of Kadom were forced to travel by boat after flooding in April.

Mikhail Mordasov, AFP / Getty Images

From the Air

Krymsk, where many lost their lives, remained flooded on July 8. Here, an aerial view of the town.

Sergey Ponomarev / AP Photo

Relaying the Damage

One can only imagine to whom and what the woman in this photo is saying as she speaks on her cell phone after taking in the catastrophic damage to her home in the town of Nizhnebakansky.

Sergey Ponomarev / AP Photo

Run Aground

Survivors calculated the damage to their town, Nizhebakansky. Here, children survey a car that was submerged in mud on the bank of a river.

Mikhail Mordasov, AFP / Getty Images

Filled With Muck

Dealing with the aftermath of flooding in Krasnodar region, locals worked to clean up debris from a house on July 8.

Ignat Kozlov / AP Photo

Vacation Destination

Known as a resort town, Gelendzhik will likely take a hit after the recent flooding. Residents here are forced to walk as they attempt to carry on with their daily routines.

Ignat Kozlov / AP Photo

Damage to Putin

President Vladimir Putin himself could not escape the torrential downpour—his portrait was placed on a heap of trash at a flooded home in Krymsk.

Sergey Ponomarev / AP Photo

A Victim’s Funeral

Family members of Marina Lysenko, who died in the flood, carry her coffin. Russian authorities failed to warn residents in the Black Sea region of the floods, and nearly 200 were killed.

Sergey Ponomarev / AP Photo

Resting Place

In wake of the flooding, a soldier digs a grave for the victims who lost their lives.