Neil Patrick Harris, Anderson Cooper & the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies (PHOTOS)

From James Franco's frock to Justin Timerblake's late-night trip to Taco Bell, see the best celebrity selfies of the week.

Twitter; Instagram

Twitter; Instagram

From James Franco's frock to Justin Timerblake's late-night trip to Taco Bell, see the best celebrity selfies of the week.


James Franco

This shot is only further proof that James Franco can do anything. Nothing says “simple, yet elegant” like the button down frock Franco is sporting here. The college-aged demographic should rush to the nearest Urban Outfitters to pick up this piece.


Justin Timberlake

What better way to celebrate victory at the People's Choice Awards?  After winning Favorite Album, Favorite Male Artist, and Favorite R&B Artist, Timberlake went to Taco Bell.  “As long as I got my fork and knife” is how the song goes, right?


Kristen Bell

There's a lot of waiting during awards season, whether it's for nominations to come out or for the actual show to get moving with the winners. Veronica Mars castmates Kristen Bell and Ryan Hansen took a quick selfie to capture the moment at the Variety Breakthrough Awards. 


Blue Ivy Carter

She's growing up. Kickin’ back in her director’s chair, Blue Ivy takes a moment to reflect on these past two years.


Raven Symone

It's impossible to resist Despicable Me 2’s minions. Outside of Vegas’s Planet Hollywood, Symone snaps this selfie. There are few combinations better than Raven and the Minion.  The picture though. That is so Raven.


Josh Peck

While some of us are stuck in this polar vortex, others are lucky to escape. Cabo San Lucas has everything, the sun, beaches and plenty of crabs who subject themselves to tourists like Josh Peck taking selfies with them.


Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell said no to the cold as well, as he escapes to the Caribbean with Lauren Silverman.  The Idol judge goes jetskiing, as him and his partner take a pre-baby vacation.


Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper cuddles with his dog, avoiding all contact with the cold, cold human world.


Andrew Garfield

Between shots of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Garfield shows who's really behind the mask.  Call his expression "dopey-gorgeous."


Emma Roberts

Roberts returns to the American Horror Story: Coven set, this time as an engaged woman.  She plans on tying the knot with her Coven co-star Evan Peters, who she began dating in the spring of 2012.


Anthony Bourdain

We get it Anthony, you're in Brazil. Yeah, we're still cold.


Neil Patrick Harris

Whoever said you shouldn't post drunk pictures clearly isn’t following Neil Patrick Harris.  This actor spends his vacation in Mexico with a blender.