Break Point

McEnroe: Women's Tennis Too Hard

You can’t be serious! According to former tennis great John McEnroe, the Women’s Tennis Association schedule should be dramatically scaled back because female tennis players are not as equipped as men to handle the physical and mental rigors of the game. “They shouldn't be playing as many events as the men,” said McEnroe during a CBS Sports conference call. “The women have it better in tennis than in any other sport, thanks to Billie Jean King [who has pushed for equal prize money for women]. But you shouldn't push them to play more than they're capable of.” While nobody’s ever accused John McEnroe of being tight-lipped, his latest comments have already stirred controversy. “To say we're asking too much of women, I don't see it,” said fellow CBS Sports tennis analyst Mary Carillo. “I hate the idea that we have to judge women on a curve and say, ‘It's too much for them.’ I've seen too many great women champions for too long.”