Renegade NYC Snowboarding With the NYPD

Breathtaking blizzard boarding through the city streets.

01.24.16 3:16 PM ET

What to do when New York is getting smacked with one of the worst blizzards in its history? Well, if you’re YouTuber, filmmaker, and modern day merry prankster Casey Neistat you find a friend with tire chains and ride the city streets like they’re a course in the X-Games.

Blasting through the avenues, Neistat and friends tear through Times Square and other landmarks, leaving a wake of cheering, and often awestruck, fans as they go. Naturally someone called the cops, but hey, this is New York, where they have better things to do, so when they catch up to the crew they prove that even the police have a sense of humor.

“Someone complained about you, so we’re just gonna act like we’re talking to ya,” an officer amicably tells the tow-vehicle’s driver.

Neistat has gained a cult following for his videos, which include taking the NYPD to task over bike lane regulations and iPod's Dirty Secret, in which he takes Apple to task over their lack of battery support, which went viral and forced the computer giant to change policy.