World's 20 Biggest Yachts

Some have missiles; some have swimming pools; some have 90-person staffs—all of these boats are enormous vessels of power, expense, and luxury.

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#1, Eclipse

Some have missiles; some have swimming pools; some have 90-person staffs—all of these boats are enormous vessels of power, expense, and luxury.


The newest yacht in Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's fleet is the largest private yacht now in existence. It boasts a missile-detection system, a luxury spa, two helipads, a swimming pool, and a miniature submarine. It reportedly cost more than $400 million. To keep out the prying eyes of the paparazzi, the yacht has an electronic "shield" that can detect light sensors in digital cameras and make them unable to take photos.

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#2, Dubai

Length: 162m
Owner: Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Originally commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei in 1996, the Dubai was completed in 2006 by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in 2006. It has three elevators, an open glass staircase, a swimming pool, and, of course, a helipad. It is large enough to accommodate 115 people, including crew and guest staff.

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#3, Al Said

Length: 155m
Owner: Sultan Qaboos of Oman

Recognizable for its off-white color, Al Said launched in September 2007 after months of speculation by yacht enthusiasts. There is still relatively little known about the amenities in the megayacht, but it can reportedly hold up to 65 guests and includes a concert room that can hold a 50-person orchestra. Lurssen Yachts, a German yacht company and one of the leading superyacht manufacturers, built it.

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#4, Prince Abdul Aziz

Length: 147m
Owner: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Built in Denmark in 1984, the Prince Abdul Aziz was the largest yacht built in the 20th century and held the honor as the world's largest yacht for 22 years. It cost more than $200 million, has its own military-trained crew, and is rumored to hold missiles aboard. It also has a pool, cinema, parking garage, a small mosque, and an interior by renowned designer David Hicks.

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#5, El Horriya

Length: 146m
Owner: N/A

The El Horriya, whose name means Freedom, is one of the world's oldest yachts as well as one of the largest. It was built in 1865 by the British Samuda Brothers shipyard based on a design by Sir Oliver Lang. A prized treasure of the Egyptian navy, it has served on and off as the presidential yacht and was the first ship in the procession through the new Suez Canal in 1869. It was lengthened in 1872 by 12 meters and was rebuilt in 1905, becoming one of the earliest ships to be fitted with steam turbines.

#6, Swift 141

Length: 141m
Owner: N/A

The Dutch navy built the Swift 141 in 1978, and it features exterior and interior design by Parisian design studio Pierrejean. It was one of the first boats produced by a yachting manufacturing upstart Abu Dhabi MAR and is rumored to be one of the fastest gigayachts in the world, with a maximum speed of 26 knots and two diesel engines for a total of 42,000 horsepower. It has space for 60 passengers.

#7, Al Salamah

Length: 139m
Owner: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz

The yacht owned by the Saudi defense minister and son of King Fahd has eight decks, 92 rooms, and 96 crew members. It was launched in 1999 after a secret building process and bears an interior designed by the British decorator Terence Disdale. It has common megayacht amenities, such as a cinema, a helipad, and a Jacuzzi, as well as an indoor swimming pool enclosed by glass.

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#8, Rising Sun

Length: 138m Owners: Larry Ellison, David Geffen

Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, is well-known as an avid sailor, but he also likes his yacht competitive. He reportedly built his Rising Sun yacht large enough to eclipse Paul Allen's yacht, Octopus. It also boasts a wine cellar, a theater, a basketball court-cum-helicopter pad, and 16 guest suites.

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#9, Savarona

Length: 124-135m
Owner: Kahraman Sadikoglu

When the Savarona launched in 1931, it was the largest yacht in the world. It was built for Emily Roebling Cadwalader, an American heiress, but was purchased by the Turkish government years later. It was used as a training ship in the middle of the century and is now being chartered by one of the wealthiest men in Turkey, Kahraman Sadikoglu. It has a library, a movie theater, a Turkish bath, a swimming pool, and a gold-trimmed staircase.

#10, Fincantieri

Length: 134m
Owner: N/A

Completed by the Italian shipbuilding company Fincantieri earlier this year, the 134-meter superyacht was unveiled at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show in February. It has seven decks, a helicopter hangar, and two helicopter pads, as well as a submarine and a seawater pool. Its exterior was designed by Espen Oeino and its interior was designed by decorators Alberto Pinto and Laura Sessa.

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#11, Al Mirqab

Length: 133m
Owner: Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani

Designed by Tim Heywood with an interior styled by Andrew Winch, Al Mirqab was completed in 2008. It has nine apartments and a VIP suite, and room for 60 crew members. Of course, it's also stocked with amenities that include two Jacuzzis, a movie theater, a helicopter pad, and a smaller boat.


#12, Octopus

Length: 126m
Owner: Paul Allen

One of two yachts owned by the co-founder of Microsoft, the Octopus has two helicopter pads, seven tender boats, a pool, two submarines, and jet skis that can dock from the side hatches. The outside was designed by Espen Oeino and the interior features styling by Jonathan Quinn Barnett.

#13, Alexander

Length: 122m
Owner: Latsis family

The Alexander yacht was built for the wealthy Greek Latsis family in 1965. It was refurbished in 1985 and 1998 and now serves as a charter yacht for $115,000 a night. It includes a beauty salon, gym, hospital, helipad, movie theater, and a full-size dance club, with 14 suites, two staterooms, and a master suite. All of this can be enjoyed from a maximum speed at 16 knots.


#14, A

Length: 120m
Owner: Andrey Melnichenko

For the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, Philippe Starck designed an exceptionally unique yacht. The futuristic shape is complimented by the all-white interior spaces. It has 23,000 square feet of living space, with rooms covered in calf's leather and stingray hides, a $60,000 banister, and a master suite enclosed by bomb-proof glass that includes a rotating bed. Its crews include up to 37 people, who wear Starck-designed uniforms, including specialists for surfing, water skiing, and cycling. The cost: $300 million.


#15, Turama

Length: 116m
Owner: Latsis Family

To experience life aboard the Turama, a converted cruise ship that now operates as a luxury charter boat, one will have to cough up about $115,000 a day. It's decked out with a home cinema, a beauty salon, library, hospital, and helipad. More than 50 guests can stay aboard in one of the three master suites, 24 luxury rooms, or 16 cabins.

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#16, Atlantis II

Length: 116m
Owner: Niarchos family

The Atlantis II, owned by the family of Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos, rarely leaves its perch from the dock in Monaco. It was built in 1981 and left to Niarchos' kin upon his death in 1996. The interior was designed by Michael Sumner, and Caesar Pinnau fashioned the exterior. It's not especially fast, with a top speed of 14 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots.

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#17, Issham al Baher

Length: 116m
Owner: King Fahd

Built in 1973 for the late Stavros Niarchos and rumored to have been commissioned as a replacement for a yacht he gifted to King Fahd, this superyacht can accommodate 14 people and 17 crew members. It was refurbished in 2005 but is limited by its deep hull, as many marinas are too shallow for it during low tide.


#18, Luna

Length: 115m
Owner: Roman Abramovich

Luna is the world's largest expedition yacht. It was delivered to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich in April of this year, making its maiden voyage around the Kristiansand Archipelago in Norway. The yacht has two helipads, a covered swimming pool, and a "luxury leisure area" that leads to a swimming platform. Given its expedition-class efficiency—it's not a megayacht—it can cruise for greater distances without having to stop and refuel.

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#19, Pelorus

Length: 115m
Owner: Roman Abramovich

Built in Germany and designed by Tim Heywood, the Pelorus was launched in 2003. A Saudi businessman briefly owned it before Roman Abramovich bought it, adding a second helipad and modifying some if its mechanical specifications. It has a top speed of 19 knots and a full crew of 46. Abramovich reportedly lent the yacht to English soccer players Frank Lampard and John Terry, who play for the Abramovich-owned Chelsea Football Club, in 2005 as a reward for being the team's best players.


#20, Le Grand Bleu

Length: 113m
Owner: Evgeny Shvidler

The original owner of Le Grand Bleu was John McCaw Jr., an American billionaire, who sold it to Roman Abramovich in 2002. Four years later, he gifted it to Evgeny Shvidler, a Russian businessman. The yacht boasts a helicopter, aquarium, and 65-person crew, and a 74-foot sailboat and 67-foot speedboat are stored in the aft deck. Terence Disdale designed the interior.