By the Numbers

Taylor Swift’s Love Life by the Numbers

R.I.P., Haylor. Taylor Swift and One Direction crooner Harry Styles broke up this week, adding another notch to the country singer’s belt. A look at Swift’s relationships, through the stats and facts. By Kevin Fallon

01.09.13 3:25 PM ET

Stock up on Ben & Jerry’s and cue Jagged Little PillTaylor Swift is going through another breakup. Twitter, Swift fans, the blogosphere—the world, really—is abuzz over the news that the country-pop supernova and One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles are calling it quits, just over a month after the two first stepped out publicly as a couple.

As is tradition in this epic Harlequin romance we call Taylor Swift’s love life, speculation is already beginning over how this breakup will fuel material for new songs by the singer. It’s a familiar routine, considering that Swift has, if rumors are to be believed, dated no fewer than 13 men over the past four years, leading to a perpetual, frenzied guessing game over which ex each of her woman-scorned anthems is about.

On the occasion of yet another romance failed—the baker’s dozen!—here’s a look back at Taylor Swift’s relationship history (as reported by the gossip rags) by the numbers.