Power Couple

7 Questions for Inez and Vinoodh

The fashion photography duo talks to Toby Milstein about their latest projects and who they never want to photograph.

09.08.13 4:33 PM ET

Illustrious fashion photography duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vindooh Matadin are on the move -- commemorating not one, but three, notable launches this week: a jewelry collection with Ten Thousand Things, a unisex fragrance with Byredo named "1996 Inez and Vinoodh," and a photography tome called Pretty Much Everything. As a bona fide “power couple” in the fashion industry, Inez and Vinoodh's photography spans everything from major brand campaigns to stunning portraits of pop culture icons. At their launch on September 7 at Barneys New York, the couple talks to Toby Milstein about their many projects, their relationship, and who they’re not interested in shooting, ever.

The Daily Beast: Is there a universal theme to all three of the launches: the book, the jewelry collection, and the fragrance?

Inez van Lamsweerde: All three items? The love between us, that’s what it’s all about.

DB: How did your romantic and professional collaboration begin?

IvL: In art school in 1986.

DB: Ah, so why 1996? Is there something significant with regard to that year?

IvL: Yes, because it’s ten years after we met.

Vindooh Matadin: And that’s when we moved to New York.

DB: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the fragrance?

IvL: We made that picture, it’s called “Kirsten 1996.” We always said to ourselves, if we ever do a fragrance, this is going to be the image that it’s based on. So when Ben [Gorham] asked us, I said okay lets start from this and the duality that’s in there: the darkness that lays underneath the sweetness. That’s how we created the scent.

VM: First they always create the scent and then the picture. And we said, how about we do it the other way around? First we’ll create the picture.

DB: Who is the person you’d most like to style and photograph in the future?

IvL: It’s hard because we just shot Prince and that was always the answer we had. So that happened.

DB: And who’s next for you two?

IvL and VM: Cher, probably.

DB: How about shooting Miley Cyrus?

IvL: No thanks!!