Peter Davis is the editor at large of Paper, his articles on style and celebrities have been published in Vanity Fair, The New York Times and The New York Observer.

LGBT Fashion

A new show at the Museum at FIT in New York explores the history of queer fashion. Peter Davis reports.

Nightlife fixture Kashmir Snowdon-Jones is a self-styled socialite who brags of modeling gigs and MTV shows. Now prosecutors believe that she is a credit-card grifter. Peter Davis on the club scene’s enigma.

A mansion in shambles, her adopted daughter in limbo, and a troubled engagement to Tila Tequila. Peter Davis on the crumbling world of 30-year-old Casey Johnson.

Before he was arrested for larceny last month, Andrew Parker ran a trendy boutique, wined and dined socialites, and made a porn film. Peter Davis on New York’s most outrageous accused con man.

Hours before she was found dead of an apparent suicide last week, Korean supermodel and Chanel muse Daul Kim reached out to a friend for a last boost of support. They talked about her depression, weight loss, and a fistfight with her boyfriend.

Marc by Marc Jacobs publicist Tim Garcia, under house arrest because of a criminal investigation, spent the night in a Gucci jacket and YSL boots.

The drug overdose of celebrity deejay Adam Goldstein last week shocked his friends and fans. Fab Five Freddy, DJ Lindsay Luv, and others recall his legacy.