Police Release Keith Scott Video


Charlotte, North Carolina police released video showing officers shooting and killing Keith Scott, but the video does not clearly show what object he was holding in his hand. The bodycam footage shows officers surrounding Scott's vehicle as he exits. Moments later he is shot dead.

Police also released photos of Scott's handgun, holster, and a marijuana blunt.

Scott's wife released her own cell-phone video she recorded during the encounter on Friday. In it, she is heard telling police her husband has a traumatic brain injury but not a gun.

Police chief Kerr Putney said Saturday "I now have assurance that there is no adverse impact the investigation" with the release of the video. (The investigation has been handed over to the State Bureau of Investigation.) Putney's decision came after days of calls from Scott's family, protesters, Charlotte's mayor, and both presidential candidates to show the tapes.


5 Dead in Mall Shooting, Suspect On the Run

Matt Mills McKnight/Reuters

Five people were killed in a shooting at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington, on Friday night, and police have launched a manhunt for the suspected shooter. Four women died at the scene, and a fifth victim, a man, later died in the hospital. Police say they believe there was only one shooter, who was described as a Hispanic male wearing a black T-shirt. Witnesses said the man walked into a Macy’s armed with a rifle and immediately began firing at shoppers. Police evacuated the shopping center amid panic and confusion. One witness, Armando Patino, was cited by CNN as saying, “Out of nowhere I just hear somebody yell and then after that, I turn around and just look at the Macy’s and I just hear shots.” Patino continued, “I hear one shot and then stand kinda still and like two three other people start running out saying, ‘gun.’” The shooting occurred at around 7 p.m., though as of midnight, police said the area was still an active scene and warned people to stay away. Police brought in K-9 units to search the mall for the shooter, and the FBI office in Seattle said it was helping with the investigation. Police say there is no evidence to suggest the attack was an act of terrorism. 


Trump Threatens Bringing Gennifer Flowers to Debate

In response to Mark Cuban's threat to sit front row at Monday night's presidential debate, Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday that he might bring Gennifer Flowers, a woman Bill Clinton admitted to having an affair with decades ago. "If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Jennifer Flowers right alongside of him!" Trump tweeted Saturday afternoon. In response, prominent Hillary Clinton supporter Neera Tanden tweeted, "Reminder: Trump's goal is to debase politics so much that we turn away & only die hards vote.That's how he can win. But we have to fight thru." Later on Saturday, Flowers herself tweeted, "Hi Donald. You know I'm in your corner and will definitely be at the debate!..." followed by a kiss emoji.

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NYT Editorial Board Endorses Hillary for President

Carlos Barria/Reuters

The New York Times editorial board has released an endorsement for Hillary Clinton to appear in print on Sunday, just ahead of the first presidential debate. Noting that “this is not a normal election year,” the editorial board says one candidate, Clinton, “has a record of service and a raft of pragmatic ideas, and the other, Donald Trump, discloses nothing concrete about himself or his plans while promising the moon and offering the stars on layaway.” Rather than focusing on Trump’s shortcomings, however, the endorsement details Clinton’s accomplishments, saying the newspaper’s support for her is “rooted in respect for her intellect, experience, toughness and courage over a career of almost continuous public service, often as the first or only woman in the arena.” The endorsement is aimed at those “who are hesitating to vote for Mrs. Clinton — because you are reluctant to vote for a Democrat, or for another Clinton, or for a candidate who might appear, on the surface, not to offer change from an establishment that seems indifferent and a political system that seems broken.”


GA Cop ‘Made Up’ Story About Being Shot

Fox 5/YouTube

A rookie police officer in Jackson, Georgia allegedly lied about being shot by a black man, prompting a 10-day hunt for an active shooter who didn’t exist. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation found that Sherry Hall fabricated a tale about being shot by a black man on Sept. 13. Hall, a white woman who’d been on the job for only three months, now faces four felony charges, including evidence tampering and lying to investigators. Hall called out for help on her police radio on Sept. 13, claiming a 6-foot tall, 230-pound black man wearing a green shirt and jogging pants had shot her and taken off. The call triggered a massive police response, with a manhunt for the suspect lasting nearly two weeks. But GBI Special Agent Joe Wooten said Friday that “there is no, and never was, a suspect shooter at large in Jackson.” Investigators quickly found inconsistencies and contradictions in Hall’s story, Wooten said, and eventually she stopped cooperating with the investigation. Hall is currently on paid administrative leave after she checked herself into a facility to seek help, though “upon release, she will be arrested,” Wooten said.


12 Killed in Iraq Suicide, Gun Attacks

Ahmed Saad/Reuters

Multiple attacks in Iraq’s northern city of Tikrit left 12 people dead on Saturday, and at least 23 others wounded. Police say militants killed four policemen at a checkpoint before continuing further and detonating a car bomb at another checkpoint in the city, killing eight and injuring 23. Tikrit was the second city to be taken over by the Islamic State in 2014 and the first to be recaptured by Iraqi forces. Since its liberation, it has mostly been free of the violence caused by the terrorist group in other cities. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Saturday’s attacks, but IS is known for attacks on checkpoints and police personnel.


Florida Man Charged for Stealing Naked Trump Statue

Brendan McDermid/Reuters

A Florida man has been charged with grand theft and burglary for stealing a naked Donald Trump statue on Sept. 22. Pedro Rodriguez, 36, is accused of taking the statue from a roof in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. A witness reportedly saw Rodriquez drop the statue, one of five made by a Cleveland artist, into the back of his pickup truck before making off with it. Eugene Lemay, president of Mana Contemporary, which owns the statue, said the incident would “not undermine our determination to stand strong for what it represents and what we want to communicate: a profound statement against any forms of bigotry, racism, and discrimination during this presidential election campaign.” The naked Trump statues have been displayed in New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles.


Nearly 2 Million Without Water in Aleppo After Airstrikes

Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters

Nearly 2 million people in Aleppo have been left without running water amid a spike in fighting, as the Syrian government on Saturday captured a rebel-held area on the outskirts of the besieged city. Government forces pounded rebel-held areas surrounding Aleppo and took over the rebel-controlled Palestinian refugee camp of Handarat, leaving dozens dead and cutting off the water supply. The Local Coordination Committees put the death toll at 45 on Saturday alone, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated that 25 people had been killed. Residents described the fighting as the worst they’ve seen since 2012. The United Nations has blamed the bombardment for two million civilians being left without water, as the airstrikes damaged a major water pumping station. Any hope for a ceasefire appears to have gone out the window, as state media on Friday cited an unnamed military official saying that not only would the airstrikes continue, but there would soon be a ground offensive as well.


Boy on Scooter Cost Wal-Mart $1M With Arts and Crafts Arson

Kevork Djansezian/Reuters

A 12-year-old boy in Southern California reportedly caused $1 million in damages at a local Wal-Mart after setting fire to the store’s arts-and-crafts section. Police in Barstow said the boy used a lighter to start the fire while riding on his scooter on Wednesday afternoon. Some employees had to be treated for smoke inhalation after they were unable to put it out with fire extinguishers. Apart from the damages, the store also had to be shut down for several days while workers and firefighters dealt with the aftermath. The boy was arrested and taken to a juvenile facility, police said. His identity has not been released.


4 Al Qaeda Members Killed in Suspected U.S. Drone Strike

Khaled Abdullah/Reuters

Four members of al Qaeda’s Yemen branch were killed late Friday in what local authorities said was a U.S. drone strike. One of those killed was reportedly a local commander of the terrorist group. The attack took place late Friday in Marib province as the four men traveled east from Sanaa in a vehicle. The attack marks the second drone strike in two days targeting al Qaeda in Yemen, which U.S. officials consider to be one of the most dangerous branches of the group. On Thursday, a drone strike on a vehicle in al-Bayda province reportedly killed one of the group’s regional commanders.